My Dog Training Philosophy


As owner of The Educated Dog and dog behavior expert and trainer, I believe in using a dog’s natural way of learning to teach them.


I believe understanding pack mentality and canine behavior is the only way one can learn what it takes to teach a dog to learn, obey, and live in our human environment instead of their natural one.


I believe in positive reinforcement and discipline in teaching a dog to learn. Not punishment.


I believe in teaching a dog what is wanted behavior and helping problem behavior disappear.


I believe it’s best to go into the home, and train the dog myself. Once I am sure that the dog understands and can perform the command, I teach the owner to do the same. I make sure the owner understands and can work together with their dog. Throughout the entire training process, I not only train the dog and teach the client how to do so, I explain what it really takes for them to keep their canine companion trained for life.

Who’s Training Your Dog?


I’d like to tell you a little about the dog training industry that may surprise you.


For instance, did you know there is no agency that regulates dog trainers. Someone who has little or no experience can just one day decide they want to be a dog trainer and promote themselves as such. Or a person can go to a dog training school, take a 3 month class (I’ve even heard of 2 week classes), and then promote themselves as “expert” trainers. They are presented a certificate, and suddenly that makes them “experts”.


The problems presented are that bad trainers can give bad advice, and have you believing things about your dog that just isn’t true. Don’t let this happen to you. I am shocked at the number of people who never ask about their trainers’ qualifications, and it is perhaps the most important thing you as a pet owner can ask a trainer. Now I’m not out to slam other dog trainers. I am simply saying to check your trainer out. Don’t find out the hard way that all trainers are not the same. Using the wrong trainer, will not only confuse both the dog and its owner, but will waste a lot of time and money. I have solved many behavior problems and trained more than a few dogs whose owners had been told that their dogs were untrainable, or that there behavior problems could not be solved, which in most instances was just not the case. Using my unique training methods, many of these same owners live happily with their now well-behaved dogs.

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