Does Your Dog:


• Jump on you and your guests?


• Pull Along while on walks?


• Run out the door each time it opens?


• Bark non-stop?


• Chew EVERYTHING in sight?

Have You Simply Had Enough?

These are just a few behavior problems that can be solved fast and easy using my techniques.


"Behavior" and "obedience" are completely different things. Teaching a dog to sit, is teaching a "skill," NOT a behavior. Just as teaching a child math is teaching them a "skill" and has nothing to do with manners.


Does your puppy or dog NEED MANNERS NOW?


Has your dog been "trained," BUT DOESN'T LISTEN?

"Trained" means just that…Trained.

Not “My dog listens most of the time or pretty good”


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Official Dog Trainer

for Football Great, Troy Aikman.

"Our puppy, Rookie", responded very well to Aaron’s techniques, and is now a happy, calm and well behaved dog." -Troy Aikman

“Aaron, what a pleasure it was to work with you.
I can’t thank you enough for taking time to spend with Pita and I. She is so happy and a different dog. You have an awesome personality and warm heart and I know you are helping people create a wonderful environment for their pets.”


- Cami B. of Dallas Texas

"I cannot thank you enough for training both myself and Scout. Before you came along, Scout would run off and he wouldn’t come even if you gave him a bag full of treats! I thought that maybe he had selective hearing, but that definitely wasn’t the case.

Scout is now a completely different dog, and EVERYBODY has noticed!! Not only have I recommended you to family and friends, but basically everybody I meet! I tell them that you are our very own “Dog Whisperer” here in Dallas! :) Thanks again, and I’ll keep sending the referrals! I’ve attached a picture of my happy boy! Thank you!"


- Leigh Ann Fields of Dallas Texas

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