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About Aaron Stewart

Certifications in: NNDDA, DB National K-9, and Interquest Detection Canines

Owner, Trainer, and Behavior Expert

In 1990, I started my career with Interquest Detection Canines, working with scent detection dogs. IDC is one of the largest providers of scent to detection canines to public and private schools, government facilities, private businesses, and major sporting events.

I work with all breeds of dogs, regardless of size, from extra large to super small, all dogs and owners can benefit from my training techniques. So don’t wait until you are having problems to call. Start off on the right paw and you will thank yourself later. If your dog has already been through some type of “obedience training”, yet your issues still exist, my behavior session can help change your dog into a well-mannered pet, using the way it naturally learns.

More than "Sit" and "Stay"

Many people make the huge mistake of not preparing for their new dog. Getting a new puppy is much like bringing home a new baby – only this baby has four legs, doesn’t wear a diaper, and chews on everything in sight.

I would like to put my years of experience to work for you. I am not your typical “heel, sit, stay” trainer. I concentrate on and specifically solve behavioral problems. In addition, I offer consulting, which is very important but often overlooked. This includes what you should know about choosing the right breed and dog for you. 

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