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Image by Matt Nelson


Cindy P.

"I believe that your method of training my dogs is the best around! I am so pleased with the change in their behavior. They are so enjoyable now! I am able to walk with both dogs alone, one on either side of me Your method works, and I am so very thankful!

Rachel Farris

"I was about 3 mos. pregnant when you came to help us with our Mastiff/Dane mix, Ajax. I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful Ajax is with our 3 month old son, Avery. Ajax recognizes him as a ‘little master’, and is very gentle and does not approach him unless we give him the okay. Thanks for all your help!

Page Spence

"Henry doesn’t tug at all and sits perfectly still when I put his lead on. We were also having issues with Henry jumping against the back door. He hasn’t even attempted to jump up against it since you were here. When it comes to greeting guests, he “stays back” when I answer the door and doesn’t attack. 

Charles D.

"Thanks you for spending the extra time past 6:00 with us to answer our questions; it was apparent to us that you were more interested in making sure that we were comfortable with the information presented than rushing out the door when the session over. We certainly appreciate that.

Thanks for everything!

Jessica Stroud

"One of our dogs, who was so scared of my husband has really opened up and goes to either one of us and it has been so wonderful I could just cry. She comes inside when she is asked and won’t go in or out of a door without being told it is okay first. They eat out of their appropriate bowls and sleep throughout the night without chewing on bones.  Thank you so much for everything you have shown us. 

Christian S.

"Another kudos to you, you were absolutely correct about him just being stubborn and not in pain. We have walked a good two miles now for a week, and he is no longer sitting and refusing to walk! As we walk, (the correct way) several people have commented on Roxi walking to well. We of course, have given them your website. You are really amazing. We even have the little baby ChuChu walking on her lead, and sitting for her treats.

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